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discount Stone Carving Machine
cnc stone carving machine 3d
1. T type heavy duty machine structure, good weight bearing capacity, not easy to deformation, the special machine bed design, can bearing more than 2000kgs materials.
2. Big power duel stepper motor for XYZaxis, high speed, stable moving, the travelling speed can reach to 18000mm/min.
3. The special designed Zaxis, can increase the stone relief accuracy, can solve the Zaxis belt or ball screw breaking problem thoroughly.
4. The water proof and dust proof system for X Y Zaxis, can protect all the parts, reduce the machine fault, enlarge the life time.
5. Using the higher precision rack & pinion transmission, higher accuracy, fast speed and powerful.
6. Big power 5.5kw spindle motor, more powerful, duel water proof system design, can solve the spindle water perocolation fault.
7. Using the imported linear square guide rail, duel four row (6 row) block, good weight bearing, stable moving, higher precision, long life time and higher knife precision.
8. Computer cabinet design, more convenient and keepign computer clean.
Large column: widely used in Roman column body, column head, column pier
Multi-head production: 4-8 pieces mass production, unlimited cost reduction
Flat carving: Adopting flat carving platform, it could be used in flat carving small parts processing
Roman Columns, balustrades
Figure of Buddha,stone lion,
Relief, background wall, tea tray craftsdiscount Stone Carving Machine

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