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Customized Rotary Evaporator
SCRE-5298A Rotary evaporator

1.SCRE-5298A 0.05~3L Rotary Evaporator  
2.Production-oriented large-capacity rotating steam rotary evaporator flask. Increase the evaporation area, placed in a water bath under vacuum, side spin, while heating, so proliferating of high-performance solution evaporated.  3.It is the ideal basic equipment for chemical industry, medicine, food, environmental protection, institutions of higher learning and scientific research laboratories and industries and mining units.It is widely used in the size of the sample concentration, drying, extraction, recycling and so on.
The major metal parts are made of corrosion-resistant high-quality stainless steel. Extended service life.
1.Host machine: electronic variable speed 0-1200 rev/min(rpm)
2.Lifting: lift up and down the automatic lifting of 0-150mm
3.Condenser: Cooler aperture evaporation tube,double back to the integration standard population  
4.Heating bath: stainless steel water bath with faucet,Temperature:Embedding sensor,digital display temperature
6.Supply voltage:220v/50HzCustomized Rotary Evaporator

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