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However, I did it by upgrading to a bigger
When I discovered this issue I switched from having the WOW TBC Gold main monitor at 144hz with an additional 60hz monitor, to both my monitors operating at 144hz. It was because I didn't want to upgrade my system and my 60hz monitor was due to be upgraded.

However, I did it by upgrading to a bigger main screen. This means that my GPU was now generating more pixels , at a greater frequency of. Thus my GPU, which was fine in the past for an application as simple as Classic WoW but was now having to be working. It wasn't up to the task.

I noticed that even with all addons turned off, no whatever version of DX I picked, VSync on or off and no matter it was that my GPU was reaching it's limit the game would display a levels of cheap Burning Crusade Classic Gold flickering. With all its lush vegetation and zones such as Nagrand the GPU of my computer would be overloaded to 100% and eventually lead to slowing down.

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